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Subject: Call For Abstracts: Advancing Quality Improvement Science for Children's Health Care Research Conference 2013


Dear Federal Colleagues:


Would you be able to disseminate news of this opportunity to your colleagues, grantees, and contractors who are doing QI with a research/evaluation lens?  You will find more guidance in the announcement below.

FYI, AHRQ is supporting this conference through its conference grant program. I am a member of the conference planning committee.

Any questions, please let me, Allison at APA, or Judy Shaw know.


Thanks very much,




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Subject: Call For Abstracts: Advancing Quality Improvement Science for Children's Health Care Research Conference 2013



3rd Annual Advancing Quality Improvement Science for Children’s Health Care Research Conference

Washington, DC

May 3, 2013


Submission Deadline: Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 5:00pm EST


The APA is soliciting posters for the 3rd Annual Advancing Quality Improvement Science for Children’s Health Care Research Conference.  This conference will focus on methodological and technical issues of major importance in the field of pediatric health care QI research.  Speakers and participants will focus on barriers and facilitators to the development, extension, and use of state-of-the-art methodologies and research methods for health care QI research.


The poster session is a NEW addition to the conference this year.  Poster abstracts should pertain to QI research.  General clinical research and descriptions of QI implementation without rigorous analytical methods are not eligible for selection.  QI research includes projects designed to improve performance AND for which there is a research design, attention to methodological considerations to promote internal and (preferably) external validity, and an attempt to produce generalizable knowledge with insights that extend beyond the walls of the institutions involved.   For example, QI intervention research might employ statistical process control, cluster randomized controlled trials, interrupted time series, regression discontinuity, pre-post studies with a strong comparison group, or other similar strong quasi-experimental or experimental designs.  Strong non-intervention QI research will also be considered; for example, development and testing of methods for assessing QI, including cost-effectiveness analysis in QI, validity testing for measures of quality improvement (e.g., patient safety outcome measures, development and testing of measures of context). 


In order to facilitate this process we will use a review process for selection of scientific abstracts for the conference.


Submissions will be reviewed in the following categories: 


·         Ambulatory Practice-based improvement Research

·         Evaluation Research on QI Educational Interventions 

·         Hospital-based QI Research

·         Improvement Science Research Methods

·         Patient Safety Improvement Research

·         Policy level QI research (e.g., rigorous evaluations of the effects of pay-for-performance or non-payment for hospital readmissions; rigorous evaluations of the effects of public reporting)


High scoring abstracts in any category will be selected for a poster session during the conference. 


·         Deadline for abstract submissions: February 28, 2013 at 5:00pm EST.

·         Submissions are limited to 2400 characters or less.  This is inclusive of the Purpose/Objectives, Design/Methods, Results, and Conclusions/Discussion. SUBMISSIONS OVER THE 2400 CHARACTER LIMIT WILL NOT BE REVIEWED. 

·         The 2400 character limit does NOT include abstract title, or authors’ names, credentials, and affiliations. 

·         Abstracts can be presented at other meetings, but not accepted for publication at the time of submission.

·         We will notify the Main Author of the status of the abstract via email by April 1, 2013.

·         You will need to submit the abstract by completing the attached form and emailing it to Allison Hartle, [log in to unmask].  You will not be allowed to go back and make changes once you have submitted the form.


If you have questions, please contact Allison Hartle at (703) 556-9222, [log in to unmask].


Thank you for your interest,


Rita Mangione-Smith

Denise Dougherty

Jonathan Finkelstein

Lawrence Charles Kleinman

David Link

Judy Shaw

2013 QI Conference Committee


Allison Hartle

Academic Pediatric Association

Administrative Assistant

(703)556-9222 ext. 113

Fax (703)556-8729

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