This is good news Arne, thank you and everyone at Dublin Community
Television and the Irish community media network CRAOL.It'd be very
interesting and relevant what proposals emerge for a future OM gathering
and id people would like to share their papers or presentations that would
be terrific too. 


Juan Salazar

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>Dear all,
>as the second day of our conference in Dublin is getting started, here
>is just a brief update on day 1. It was a successful day, according to
>all the participants that I talked with. There were consistently
>around 60 participants throughout the day, with up to 100 at peak
>times. Participants included local Irish media activists but also many
>international guests who are here for the IAMCR conference. We've had
>several OURMedia 'veterans' like John Downing, Amparo Cadavid,
>Stefania Milan, Bob Hackett, and others, but also many new faces and
>many older and younger scholars for whom this has been the first
>OURMedia experience.
>Sessions ranged from discussions on the media situation in Ireland to
>interactive Skype debates on community media in Cyprus and in the
>Middle East, and addressed community radio as well as new social
>media. Our friends from Dublin Community Television did a tremendous
>job in organising the logistics and some parts of the programme, and
>the Irish community media network CRAOL generously supported the event.
>Day 1 took place at a nice venue in central Dublin. Day 2 is starting
>now at Dublin City University.