Here's a great internship opportunity.  We've supplied Nathan Gunter with PWSA people in the past. 
Let's do it again!

From: Nathan Gunter [[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2013 4:09 PM
To: Chester, Deborah A.
Subject: Magazine Internship

Hello Prof. Chester, 

It's that time once again—I'm looking for a fall intern up here at Oklahoma Today, and I was hoping you'd put the word out to the Professional Writing group, letting them know to email me at[log in to unmask] if they'd like to apply. All they'd need to send me is a resume and cover letter. 

There's not a lot of writing involved in this internship per se, though our interns do get a byline from time to time. Mostly, our interns do factchecking and research, verifying the facts of a story or helping us do the legwork needed to hone an angle. We try to make it as educational as possible, training (and retraining) interns in our methods, letting them get a good look at the editor-freelancer relationship, and teaching them a LOT about professional practice in a working journalism environment (something about which we all have MANY opinions). 

We've had some great interns from OU in the past, and I'm looking for someone to start sometime around move-in time at OU. Application deadline is the 15th, and if they have any questions, tell them to call me. 

Thanks, and I hope things are well! 

Nathan Gunter
Managing Editor
Oklahoma Today magazine