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Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 14:27
To: Lauer, A Robert
Subject: New Manos site testing (formerly

Thanks for posting this, Robert -

Fellow comediantes:

We're doing a major update of our old website with a small team of professional developers, and are ready to test our beta version.  Is there anyone in the New York area who might be able to go into the New York office of Pivotal Labs tomorrow to work with a Pivotal production person on testing it, to see what bugs or difficulties surface with users trying it for the first time?  I worked at the Pivotal Labs in New  York for a week, and it's a cool experience.  I'm working with one of the team in the San Francisco office this week. 

If that's not possible, we'll test it by Skype or some other screen sharing procedure.

The NY Pivotal Labs are at 625 Avenue of the Americas, on the second floor if I remember correctly. The testing would take about 20 minutes.  

If you could give it a try, please email the production tester: Joanna Beltowska to schedule a time -

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Thanks in advance!


Margaret Rich Greer
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