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Greetings, members of the DBLE listserv!

    I want to give all members of this listserv a "heads up" about our new, 2-week online course on "Designing Courses for Significant Learning."  (Described below.)

     If you have faculty on your campus who might be interested in this, please share with them the attached flyer and/or the email text itself.

Many thanks,   Dee Fink



Recently Dee Fink & Associates designed a new, two-week online course intended for a broad audience including faculty, adjunct instructors and instructional designers who want to learn how to design courses that go beyond lecture, memorization, “teaching to the test” and other forms of “information in/information out.”


Based on our previous work together and your interest in Integrated Course Design, I wanted to be sure to let you know right away about this new opportunity for the professional development of your faculty

     Instructors who have used principles of Integrated Course Design in the design of their own courses in the past have reported greater student engagement, more long-term significant learning and increased instructor satisfaction for courses delivered in on-line, “face-to-face” and “blended/hybrid” formats.  

    Here is a comment about these ideas, from a participant in one of our courses:

"Significant Learning is the new path to personal and professional success. Dee Fink’s model provides educators with the theoretical foundations and practical guidance to design courses that have real, positive impact on student’s lives.”


This new course is a facilitated course in which faculty practice applying Integrated Course Design principles directly to their own courses. Participants all receive personalized feedback from experienced course “Coaches” throughout the course.


A few comments from faculty who have recently taken the new course—

This course is a must for anyone teaching higher education!”

“Overall the course was an excellent one.”

“Your feedback exemplified FiDeLiTy feedback and was spot on in pushing us to think more carefully about what we should be learning and how to apply it to our courses.”

“I appreciate the comments from the facilitators. I wasn't sure what a course facilitator would do but they turned out to be an important part of the course. The course itself is a nice example of the ICD model.”


Our next course session is January 14–28, 2015. 

·         Cost per participant is $349.00

Note:  The cost is significantly lower for participants from Latin America, Africa, & Asia.

·         Close of Registration for this session is January 9, 2015.


Please see the attached flyer for more information and feel free to distribute it to your faculty.


We hope to see you or your faculty in our next session (or a future session in mid-February or mid-March, 2015)!


My Best,    Dee Fink

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