Hello to Everyone on this "Design Learning" List!
I would like to request help from as many people as possible, who can respond with some good practices and ideas.

As you may know, Dee Fink & Associates (DF&A) recently started a new, 2-week course that provides a good introduction to Integrated Course Design and the Taxonomy of Significant Learning.
     AN ADDITIONAL NEW COURSE:  What we in DF&A are now involved in, is the creation of another, separate 2-week course on "Assessing Significant Learning".  We have long known that this part of good course design is especially challenging for many professors, so we want to provide an opportunity to do some in-depth learning here.
In this course, among other things, we want to provide some good examples of the following:
  1. Good Assessment Activities, i.e., prompts, activities, tasks, & assignments that creates an authentic situation and task for students to demonstrate a particular kind of desired learning outcome.
  2. Good Rubrics, i.e., criteria and standards that are clear and do a good job of discriminating between good, mediocre, and poor student work.
  3. Good Grading System, i.e., a grading system for the whole course that (a) reflects student achievement of the desired learning outcomes and (b) encourages students to spend time on important learning activities.
If you have one [or more] of these that you feel pretty good about, would you please share it, either by responding to this message on the list, or by emailing it to me?
That would be very helpful in finding good examples to share with everyone interested in learning more about good course design, but especially with people in this new course. 
     If we do use it in the course, we will get your permission and give you and your institution some well-deserved credit!

Many thanks,   Dee Fink

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