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*CEU’s summer institute on *
*internet governance, civil society and communication policy advocacy -
apply now.*

This year's summer institute on internet governance, freedom of expression
norms and the relationship between internet companies' policies,
surveillance and data requests by governments will take place from 28 June
to 4 July at Central European University in Budapest. Application deadline
is 15 March.

The summer school, organized by the Center for Media, Data and Society at
the School of Public Policy, Central European University
<http://cmds.ceu.edu/> with the Center for Global Communication Studies
<http://www.global.asc.upenn.edu/> (CGCS), Annenberg School, University of
Pennsylvania, is designed to help researchers, activists, policy makers,
lawyers and advocates gain new insights into the complex relationship
between technology, free expression, and policy that lie at the heart of
debates between global security and human rights. This year, special
attention will be paid to the relationship between the policies of internet
companies, violent extremism, surveillance, filtering and content take down
requests by governments. Workshops will explore freedom of expression norms
in different contexts around the world, the current state of play
surrounding internet governance, and the potential of technology and online
tools for mobilizing and organizing constituencies and for enhancing the
security and privacy of advocates.

*Date and place of the summer school: **28 June - 4 July, 2015*, Central
European University, Budapest, Hungary

*Application deadline is 15 March, 2015.*
More information on the course and the application process here: