AEJMC Colleagues,

Apologies for the double-postings for those of you on both the MAC and CSM
listserv.  Wanted to pitch some type of programming during our San
Francisco Conference about the events in Charleston and even more
important, our media's coverage of race and the ethical issues involved.

Today our NABJ President Bob Butler issued a statement acknowledging the
"long-needed national dialogue" about race, but took issue with Don Lemon's
handling of the issues regarding the use of the so-called n-word and the
Confederate flag.

Here's a link to Bob Butler's statement...

In the past, AEJMC Programmers have allowed for "late-breaking" or HOT
TOPICS panels to be added to the program when major issues arise that have
an impact on what we're teaching in the classroom and the contributions
that we as mass media scholars can make.   As final revisions are made to
the San Francisco Program,  perhaps there' s a window for a session on this

I wanted to gauge interest among those in MAC and CSM and perhaps explore
the possibility of offering some programming for our upcoming conference on
this issue.  This certainly touches our PF&R interests as well as what we
do as teachers and researchers.


Perhaps our MAC and CSM Leadership could weigh in and suggest how we might

George L. Daniels, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean
College of Communication and Information Sciences
The University of Alabama
Box 870172
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0172