NB de ARL: Enhorabuena y saludos.

From: Felix Kurt Ernst Schmelzer [[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2016 04:10
To: Lauer, A Robert
Subject: International Conference Word and Mystery

Dear Robert,

I wanted to ask you for a (big) favour. We have organized an International Conference on the relation between Christian Mysticism and Modern Poetry that will take place here in Santiago de Chile at the beginning of october. Could you please send around our call for papers (English and Spanish version, conferences can be in English or in Spanish) via your well established channels. That would be great. Obviously, we would be very pleased to have you around as well, if you are interested in the subject. Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely,


Felix Kurt Ernst Schmelzer
Profesor Investigador
Instituto de Literatura

Av. Mons. Álvaro del Portillo 12.455
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Teléfono: +562 22618 2108