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I'm looking for course names and institutions that COULD/MAY use a text about Black Women, Media & Culture/Representations of Black Women in the Media and Effect, etc.  If you teach, have taken, or know of such a course will you please send me the course name and institution?  I don't need any teacher approval/contact/interest yet.  Thanks for your help! 
P.S. Here's what I sent last week:

I need your help. If you know of them, would you please send me off list ([log in to unmask]) the course name and institution of any college classes that might conceivably use a text or supplemental/optional book about Black women in the media in the course?
All I need is the course name and institution in which it is offered.

This could be from classes you or your friends teach, have taken, know about, seen listed, may want to take. I don't need any teachers' promise or anything, just to know about the course and institution. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Media Studies (Media & Society, Media Writing, Minorities in Mass Media, Minority Women in Mass Media, Advertising), Women’s Studies (Women in Mass Media, Women of Color, Self-Perception, Body Image, Gender Identity, Attractiveness Studies), Ethnic Studies, Black Studies/African American Studies, Cultural Studies, Fat Studies, Sociology (Racism, Race Identity, Race Relations, Social Conditions, Beauty – Personal & Social Aspects), History--21st Century. THANK YOU!!

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