If you haven't voted yet, please be aware that MACers:
Cristina Azocar is running for Accrediting Council,
Linda Florence Callahan (Past MAC head, is running for the Committee on Teaching and
Paula Poindexter (Past MAC head AND AEJ Pres., is running for the Publications Committee.

I personally know, vouch for and admire these three.  Forgive me if other MACers are on the national ballot and I didn't recognize your name.  Please vote for these three candidates and also if you can in good conscience, vote ONLY for them in each category.  Though you may be allowed to vote for more, it "dilutes" the power of your vote for these candidates from our division.

Please post directly to the list/FB page if I have missed a MACer on the ballot.
Please contact AEJ headquarters directly if you have not gotten your ballot.
Please forgive cross-listings.

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