Dear colleagues and friends from the OURMEDIA network,

we are delighted to announce the publication of the syllabus of the Impact program
(International Media, Political Action & Communication Technologies), in the framework of the 2016 edition of the UPEC-UPEM Summer School, July 4 to 22 (Paris, France). You will find an abstract below,  and the complete syllabus in attached file or by clicking here :

Thank you for transmiting this information to the students (Master/PhD level) who would eventually be interested in this program .
Registrations are open :

IMPACT is a 3-weeks program of courses within the UPEC-UPEM Summer School (East-Paris) which aims to provide a critical perspective on International Media, Political Action & Communication Technologies. IMPACT aims to give its students a critical perspective on how the internationalization of communication, the sharp increase in and acceleration of the production of information, and the unprecedented development of digital media play a role in the way political action, citizen mobilization and public debate are now being framed.

The course is available for Masters and PhD level students interested in political and public communication, social movements and transnational media activism, as well as the role of communication technologies in international relations. Suitable academic backgrounds include communication studies, political science, discourse analysis, area and cultural studies and sociology. The IMPACT course allows you to obtain 3 ECTS.

The academic program has been prepared by Benjamin Ferron and Stéphanie Wojcik, both lecturers at the UPEC.

• Dominique Marchetti - The Spaces of Production and Circulation of “International” Information: the Example of “Moroccan” News in Foreign Media – Tuesday July 5
• Jiangeng Sun - A Study of the Practice of French Correspondents in China – Wednesday Juy 6
• Florence Brisset-Foucault - Producing Media Speech in Africa: Coercion, Resistance and the Invention of a Profession – Thursday July 7
• Romain Badouard - Social Networks and Public Debate in Post-Charlie France – Friday July 8
• Jean-Baptiste Comby - Studying Social Structures of a Public Debate: the Case of Climate Change – Monday July 11
•Simon Gadras - Electoral Campaigns in the 21st Century: Web, Social Media and Political Communication – Tuesday July 12
• Tristan Mattelart - Exploring the Transnational Circulation of News in Digital Times: from Myths to Realities – Wednesday July 13
• Rabia Polat - Social Media during the Gezi Park Protests in Turkey and afterwards (2013-) – Friday July 15
• Stéphanie Wojcik - Political Participation and the Internet: Some Issues from Public Debates to Web-Campaigning – Monday July 18
• Victor Mari - The Field of Communication for Development and Social Change. From Spain to the Entire World: Hybridizations, Tensions and Possibilities – Tuesday July 19
• Simon Smith - Discussion in Online Newspapers and the Realignment of Journalistic Work: the Case of Slovakia and Post-Communist Europe – Wednesday July 21
•Benjamin Ferron - Mobilizing through and for “Alternative” Media: Comparative Perspectives from Latin America, the Middle East & Europe – Thursday July 21

Best wishes

Benjamin Ferron & Stéphanie Wojcik
Lecturers at the UPEC (Paris)