Please nominate MAC folks (after checking with them to see if they want to
serve).  Please self-nominate!  Use YOUR OWN LINK or call AEJ headquarters
to ask why you didn't get a nomination form.  Support MACers in our
association leadership! The deadline is Friday, Oct. 14, 2016.
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    AEJMC 2017 Officer Nominations Form

A variety of seats on the AEJMC Elected Standing Committees will be open
next fall.  AEJMC will conduct an election to fill those seats in April

In order to cast a wide net for possible candidates, AEJMC has set up an
online process for nominating candidates for the association's leadership
positions. We welcome nominations of AEJMC members, as well as
self-nominations.  *Nominations must be posted by Friday, Oct. 14*.  To
nominate, please use the "Nominate Now" button below.

Nominees must be AEJMC members in good standing with the time and resources
required to perform committee functions and travel to the conferences and
meetings required.

The Nominations and Elections Committee will review nominations and develop
a final slate of candidates. Last year more than 300 nominations were
received, and all were considered. However, the number of candidate slots
is limited so not everyone who is nominated will be asked to run.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to submit your 2017 AEJMC Election
We appreciate you being the best part of AEJMC!

Nominate Now

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