Hello OUI fans and voters,

Are you ready for this election cycle to end?  Are you worried about the outcome?  A little concerned about your country?

Lucky for you, we have a way to take the edge off your electoral stress!  Members of O.U. Improv will be competing for your votes this Saturday, November 5 at 8:00pm in the Scholar's Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union.  Come choose who will be President of the Unscripted Skits of Amusement, Commander-in-Chuckles, Chief Jokester, Head of Satire, Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains!

Disclaimer: We try to keep a family friendly show, but please keep in mind improvised comedy may not be suitable for all ages.

PS: It's free! 

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Thank you,
Jay Edwards
Advisor, OUI


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