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CFP: Latina/o Communication Studies

Call For Papers

Latina/o Communication Studies: Theories, Methods, and Practice

Forthcoming with Lexington Books

Editors: Dr. Leandra H. Hernandez, Dr. Diana I. Bowen, Dr. Amanda R.
Martinez, & Dr. Sarah De Los Santos Upton

We invite scholars to submit chapter proposals that focus on Latina/o
Communication Studies topics in the areas of organizational communication,
health communication, rhetoric and social movements, strategic
communication and public relations, and border studies and communication.
Latina/o Communication Studies offers an array of scholarship by and about
Latina/os, such as Valdivia’s (2008) Latina/o Communication Studies Today
and Holling and Calafell’s (2011) Latina/o Discourse in Vernacular Spaces:
Somos de Una Voz? Building from this vision of making our voices heard and
our scholarship widely available, the goals of this edited volume are
threefold: 1) to expand and focus on current Latina/o Communication Studies
scholarship; 2) to serve as both a primary and supplemental book for
undergraduate and graduate courses in Communication Studies courses and
Latina/o Communication Studies courses; and 3) to provide a new resource
for Latina/o Communication Studies and Commu!
 nication Studies scholars and practitioners. We welcome theoretical
manuscripts, research manuscripts/studies, and essays that specifically
speak to the role of research theories and methods in Latina/o
Communication Studies.

Research Topics

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

- Organizational communication: Latinas/os in employment contexts, Latina/o
organizations, Latina/o employment experiences.

- Health communication: cultural competence programs; Latina/o health
experiences in all contexts (mental, reproductive, geriatric, etc.); health
campaigns; gender, culture, religion, dis/ability, and health intersections.

- Advertising/marketing communication: Latinas/os as consumers; public
relations and marketing campaigns by and for Latina/o populations and
target audiences.

- Latinas/os and the media: media representations of Latinas/os; Latina/os
as media producers and consumers; Latina/o audience reception; Latina/o new
media and social media use and activism.

- Latina/o border studies: applied approaches to border organizing and
border experiences; Latina/o citizenship; Latina/o immigration; hybrid

- Latina/o rhetorical communication: Latinas/os as producers and consumer
of rhetorical messages; Latina/p rhetorical methods; possibilities and
limitations of Latina/o rhetorical communication.

- Latinas/os and social movements: Latina/o organizing efforts, grassroots,
leadership, community organizing, legal issues, intersectionality of

- Latina/o Theories and Methods: Theoretical and methodological approaches
scholars use in centering Latinas/os, including a critical reflection on
past, present, and future trajectories and a critical interrogation of how
we might enrich our scholarship as our disciplinary Latina/o focus
progresses and evolves.

Submission Requirements & Dates

To be considered for inclusion, potential authors should submit the
following to [log in to unmask] by April 1, 2017:

1.      A 1- to 2-page chapter proposal

2.      A CV (for all authors, if proposing a collaboration chapter)

3.      A 150-word biography that explains submitters’ positions,
university/college affiliations, and research areas/specialties. Note: At
least one contributor must hold a PhD in the field.

Responses to submitters will be sent by June 1, 2017 with first drafts
tentatively due by October 1, 2017. Publication citation styles and
formatting requirements will be sent at a later date.

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