Dear OURMEDIA Friends,

The Hungarian Parliament has proposed legislation that would make it impossible for CEU- my university, my employer, my home- to exist. This is targeted and discriminatory legislation to shut down a fully accredited and significant university in a European Union member state.

CEU has made it clear they will do everything in their power to fight this.  I am very proud of the strong stand they are taking, speaking out eloquently and unwaveringly in the face of this aggressive direct attack to silence any form of dissent or critical thinking in Prime Minister Viktor Orban's self-proclaimed "illiberal democracy".

A call for action is being prepared by my exceptional colleagues in CEU administration, and as soon as it is available I will update the list.

Official statement from CEU:

BBC article fro this morning:

Many thanks,  Kate

Dr Kate Coyer
Center for Media Data and Society
School for Public Policy
Central European University