Dear OURMedia,

I am writing to follow up on my email from yesterday.

As you might be aware, the Hungarian government's efforts to shut down Central European University, my home university, of which I am so proud. 

CEU is reaching out to friends and colleagues around the world for support to face down this threat.

I am writing to ask you to send a letter of solidarity with CEU to the Hungarian authorities. CEU has set up a webpage that includes a draft letter and contact information for emailing letters to the Hungarian government, and #istandwithCEU. We would also welcome institutional letters of support, in additional to your individual letters.

We need your help in promoting this issue and sharing it with your friends, colleagues and networks around the world

There can be no doubt this is a politically motivated attack on civil society, free expression, academic freedom and critical thinking. CEU's President and Rector has publicly stated the proposed legislation from the Hungarian government, which would make it impossible for us to exist, amounts to "political vandalism."

It is unclear when the Hungarian Parliament will bring this proposal to a vote, so time is of the essence for these letters of support. CEU is committed to fighting this legislation at every level.

There's no surer sign you're on the right side of history than when authoritarian regimes try to shut you down.

Many thanks,


Kate Coyer, PhD

Center for Media, Data and Society, School of Public Policy

Central European University


Berkman Klein Fellow,

Harvard University