Hello Everyone!

I have been consulting with the new president of a small institution, on how to create a college that generates high quality learning, high quality teaching, within the long-term goal of continuous improvement.

Question:  Does anyone have or know of an college or university that does a good job on 3 or more of the following tasks:
  1. Has created institution-wide learning goals.
  2. Has a strong faculty development program.
    • With a high level of faculty participation, e.g., 50% or more of all faculty participating in a substantial activity each year.
  3. Has widespread learning-centered teaching.
    • e.g., using learning-centered course design, active learning, effective use of small groups, immediate feedback on student work - with rubrics, reflecting on their learning.
  4. Has most students regularly reflecting on their learning
    • e.g., doing learning portfolios.
  5. Has most students learning how to become "self-directing learners", 
    • e.g., by learning how to create plans for their own near-future learning:  WHAT do I want or need to learn in the next 1-3 years?  HOW can I learn that?
You may send your response either (a) to this Discussion Group or (b) to me directly.

I will be glad to summarize the responses I get, back on this DesignLearning Discussion Group.

Many thanks!!

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