Below are my notes from the 2017-18 Councils of Divisions Meeting. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Business Session: 2017-18 Councils of Divisions Meeting
·      Division numbers are lower
·      Divisions/Interest groups must discuss how to increase membership 
·      Lots of people go to regional conferences but do not go to annual convention
·      Fifty-two percent of members are not involved in interest groups/divisions
Annual Reports
·      Make sure you have annual reports from the last three years
·      Do not just copy and paste from previous years
·      Show accomplishments and challenges
Conference Location 2020, Votes Rankings
·      New Orleans #1
·      Austin #2
Pre-conference sessions include:
·      Free room/projector 
·      Division pays for food and travel for speaker
·      Next year, it will be held on Aug. 5
Chip auction site:
·      Divisions - 6 chips 
·      Interest groups - 3 Chips 
·      Five slots or more @ poster sessions
·      Half chip to collaborate with other divisions
Research sessions include
·      traditional
·      high density
·      scholar to scholar 
·      PF&R
·      teaching
Scholar-to-Scholar Session
·      Poster session - 5-7 slots free
·      To cut down on confusion George Daniels recommended calling these sessions Scholar to Scholar Poster Sessions 
Recommendations to encourage participation at poster sessions include:
·      Give awards (first, second and third)
·      Publicizing them as poster session
·      Getting word out that they are not “lesser” sessions
High Density
·      Usually ten papers
·      Eight sessions available
·      Good for people who have a problem with poster session
Panel Suggestions
·      Keep updating information 
·      Oct. 16 - joint session forms due
·      Nov. 9 - file a joint session request 
·      Feb. 15 start finalizing 
·      March 15 - program copy due
·      April - contact research chair to determine if additional sessions are needed 
Panels Deals
·      It is not a deal until both groups agree 
·      If you back out, communicate with divisions
·      Start early
·      Be flexible 
·      Make changes in system 
Upcoming Conferences
·      2018 conference will be held in Washington DC
·      2019 Toronto
·      2019 International Conference in Paris
·      2020 New Orleans

2017-18 AEJMC MAC Officers:
Head: Mia Moody-Ramirez, Baylor University 
Vice Head: Riva Brown, Central Arkansas
Faculty Research Chair: George Daniels, Alabama
Graduate Research Chair: Joseph Erba, Kentucky
Midwinter Coordinator: Melody Fisher, Mississippi State University
PF&R Chair: Danielle Kilgo, Indiana University 
Teaching Standards Chair: Sadaf Ali, Eastern Michigan University
Newsletter Chair: Benjamin LaPoe, Ohio University 
Faculty Liaison: Victoria LaPoe, Ohio University 
Graduate Liaison: Leticia Williams, Howard University
Social Media Coordinators: 
Miriam Hernandez, City University of Hong Kong
Miya Williams, Northwestern University
Webmaster: Mas Biswas
List-serve/Membership Coordinator: Meta Carstarphen, Oklahoma
CSW/MAC Mentorship Program Liaison: Kathleen McLeroy, University of Texas at Austin 

Respectfully Submitted,
Mia Moody-Ramirez, Ph.D.