Greetings, MAC friends of AEJMC's Commission on the Status of Minorities! CSM had a great conference in Chicago, making history, attracting larger audiences to events and celebrating major growth in membership. It was good to see so many MAC friends there.

Here are new articles and other items I've posted to that should interest you with our complementary mission with MAC. Click on a link to go to the story or publication:

Historic Commission Jobs Survey Finally Completes U.S. Media Diversity PictureChairman Thankful for the Many CSM Successes During His Term
Commission’s Chicago Session Focuses on Lack of Diversity in Profession
Full CSM Schedule for Chicago – Bookmark It!
Junior, Senior Scholars Win Commission-sponsored Honors
CSM Members Elected to AEJMC-wide Offices
Your Membership, Donations Needed for Commission’s Diversity Fight
CSM Joins With CSW, CoFA in sponsoring 2017 Chicago Convention Panel
Commission’s Summer/Convention 2017 Newsletter
CSM Member News, Updated August 2017!
Thanks to Nathaniel Frederick II and Jami Bunton for their work on the newsletter, and Marquita Smith, Cathy Jackson and Osita Iroegbu for their service in leadership. Don't forget George Daniels on the listserv, either.
CSM membership's up 49 percent over two years, but we need your support more than ever to accomplish our broad mission of lobbying for diversity in media, academia and AEJMC. Renew or start your commission membership along with MAC's with the start of classes. CSM handles the advocacy, MAC the faculty development, and together, we move forward for all colors, races and ethnicities.

Have a great school year!
Rev. Kyle Huckins, Ph.D.CSM Chairman
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