This is great news for OWP -- we won't lose a beat as leadership transitions from one strong Director to another. Priscilla, retirement is splendid. Maybe you can join me at the Capitol during Session!

Dr. B, welcome aboard!


Claudia Swisher
National Board Certified Teacher

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   Oklahoma Writing Project Welcomes New Director

We are excited to welcome Lawrence Baines as OWP Director.    Lawrence Baines is an Associate Dean at University of Oklahoma. Baines previously directed the writing project at Florida State University. He has written 11 books and hundreds of articles and has worked in over 400 schools.
Lawrence A. Baines
The University of Oklahoma
Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

 Dr. Priscilla Griffith retired December 2017.  Thank you for your service to the Oklahoma Writing Project.   May you enjoy your new adventure! 


Audra Plummer  M. Ed.
Co-Director of Inservice
Oklahoma Writing Project
University of Oklahoma
Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education
OWP Office Phone: 405-325-6275

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