Are any of our other "rookie" qualified members (licensed in prior 3 calendar years, or have NEVER used RTTY for a QSO) interested in doing the RTTY rookie roundup on Aug 18th?   It's 6 hours long, and I think my digital station in a box will grant the tools required.

It could be interesting to set up several participating stations in our area.

I just wanted to message you all to gauge interest, and see who I should loop into these discussions.

Dr. Thomas Hays
Assistant Professor
University of Oklahoma
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

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Subject: Elmer Night, new name ...
This LISTSERV list won't change names but the club will be known as the Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society come the new semester.  The name pays homage to the club's roots in the 1920s when it was known as the Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Fraternity.  I've attached some clips of ASD mentions from the 1920s.  I have not determined the dates of the various station calls for the club but we started out as 5VM.  OU also held an experimental station call of 5XW.  Still working to pin down when we moved to W5TC (or 5TC if it was early enough).   ASD was a fraternity with national aspirations and OU was the "mother" chapter, Alpha.  What is now OSU was Beta, MIT was Alpha Lambda.  Hints of other chapters in Hartford, Conn, and Toronto, Ont.

Tonight is Elmer Night, a SCARS thing at the American Red Cross building, 1205 Halley Ave, on North Base.  I plan to attend as my station is currently in boxes and I need to test a new piece of equipment.  This is the same location that SCARS held Field Day back in June.

Next license test is the First Thursday of September (9/5). 

Peter Laws, BS, MRCP / N5UWY
National Weather Center / Network Operations Center
University of Oklahoma Information Technology
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