OSCER users,


Supercomputer scheduled maintenance outage
Wed Feb 22 8:00am-midnight


On Thu, 16 Feb 2023, Henry Neeman wrote:

>OSCER users,
>Supercomputer scheduled maintenance outage
>Wed Feb 22 8:00am-midnight
>We'll be deploying new support and diskfull servers, and
>moving extant support and diskfull servers among racks, to
>optimize our power and cooling consumption.
>Before and during the outage, we'll pause job launches,
>so that batch jobs aren't lost.
>Long-running batch jobs in user-owned "condominium" queues
>WON'T be killed by us, but we
>CANNOT GUARANTEE that they'll keep running.
>We apologize for the inconvenience -- our goal is to make
>OSCER systems even better!
>OSCER Support ([log in to unmask])