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Oklahoma Writing Project
Invitational Summer Institute

June 2023
Classroom Teachers of All Subjects
—Elementary through College—
Interested in Improving Literacy Skills 

Fifteen outstanding teachers will be selected to attend the Oklahoma Writing Project's 2023 Invitational Summer Institute to be held at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Teachers of all subject areas and of all levels of instruction--kindergarten through university--interested in teaching composition or incorporating writing into their regular subject matter instruction may apply. The important consideration is a strong commitment to teaching of composition and helping students' understanding through writing.

Teachers who are selected should have these qualifications:

  1. Outstanding teaching record.
  2. Strong commitment to growth in teaching composition.
  3. Willingness to develop a formal presentation on topics related to writing instruction and to share those presentations with other participants at in-service workshops.
  4. Willingness to do the writing, research, and reflection that will be asked of all participants during the Summer Institute.
  5. Demonstrable success as a teacher of writing and promise as an equally successful teacher of other teachers.
  6. Willingness to be an active participant in the Oklahoma Writing Project and its professional and in-service programs.
  7. Above all, a strong and open approach to ideas.


  1. Creation and delivery of literacy presentation to be shared at your home school and with other Oklahoma teachers
  2. Portfolio of your own writings as you experience the writing process and best classroom practices
  3. Your published writing in the 2023 Summer Institute Anthology
  4. Collection of ready-to-use literacy strategies and best classroom practices aligned with Oklahoma Academic Standards
  5. Over 45 hours of professional development
  6. Become part of a network of teachers focused on improving literacy practices with Oklahoma students 

Up to $750 stipend for each participant who completes all the required components of OWP Summer Institute

March 27, 2023.
 Applicants invited to interview will receive an appointment confirmation by email by March 29, 2023.


  • Start saving your student writing samples now. You will need student samples for your interview and during the Summer Institute. Be sure and save high/low ability examples from your writing lessons. Originals are great, but copies are fine.
  • At the interview, you will bring your resume and some of your student writing samples.

The online application has further details, including the dates of the summer institute, if you are interested.

Please contact Dr. Crag Hill (director) at [log in to unmask], Patty Coleman (co-director) [log in to unmask], or Sandi Hebert(co-director) at [log in to unmask], if you have a specific question about 2023 OWP Summer Institute.

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