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Nancy Burford <[log in to unmask]>
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SCCPLA - SCC Planning Committee <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 26 Sep 2006 18:39:41 -0500
OK, so we merge those where I said "2 groups" into one super group of 18 or so - that was just a way of saying these were so large they might be unwieldy and we weren't putting them down as 2 groups in the program.  We were trying to slot the more popular topics into rooms by themselves, where they wouldn't dominate the other group.  But you're right, you couldn't have one person leading two groups, even if they were in the same rooms.  But we could acknowledge the popularity of them by giving them a room alone.

We thinking of making a cardstock flyer for the bags to tell people to sign up for the 2 sessions they are interested in attending - we thought it's kind of a lot to do at once when you're registering could get hectic & crowded) & the flyer would be a reminder to stop by the registration desk & signup if they didn't when they checked in.

And we totally left off the AHIP topic again, but we could set them up in the pre-function area if anyone signs up for it.
Yes, we'll handle the signup sheets here.  This is the last list I received - if it has changed, please let me know.

AHIP - Stephanie Shippey
Archives - how to maintain an institution's history - Beth Treaster  
Article linkers/ URL openers - options and optimum use? - Rena Sheffer                                                                                                     
An Arduous Journey: Odyssey, ILLiad and ISO - Have we completed our ILL travels? - Dena Plaisted
The changing world of reference - Steven Self & Margaret Peloquin
Clinical Decision Support Tools (point of care databases) - Dohn Martin
Coping with and using usage statistics - Cathy Montoya
Disaster Planning - Shari Clifton &/or Marty Thompson
Go Local - not Loco (Texas Go Local project) -  Deborah Halstead 
If you build it, will they come?  Developing successful programs for consumers - Karen Vargas
Nursing Libraries - Stephen Self & Susan Bader
Research 101 - What it is, types, etc - Karen Keller & Junie Janzen 
Research 102 - I have an idea, now what? - Joy Harriman
Scholarly publishing (open access, etc) - Mary Ryan
Terrorism/Patriot Act -- You're Involved - Marilyn Goff & Gale Hannigan

I'm attaching a clearer word document of the proposed scheduling - things wrapped oddly.


Nancy Burford
Assistant Professor
Resources Management Librarian
Medical Sciences Library
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-4462
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979-845-1820 (voice)
979-845-7493 (fax)
Attend SCC/MLA 2006 in College Station, Texas!
October 20-24, 2006

>>> "Campbell, Shirley" <[log in to unmask]> 9/26/2006 4:54 pm >>>
I have had a wild and wooly day - so I am slow to respond.

Yes, sign up sheets at registration seem to be the best way to go.

No, the way you have it set up might not work so well.  The 2 groups of
Statistics and the 2 groups of Reference need to be 1 in each session,
instead of 2 at the same time.  I might not find another leader for the
2nd group and I could probably talk the same person into doing it twice.

I am not really excited about this format.  You really are only allowing
8 or 10 people at a table, 2 of which are the leader and the
that means 6 or 8....and all of your lists are already too long for a
single session.  I haven't double checked the lists yet, (and meant to
before I responded but I am running out of time and won't be here
tomorrow) but I don't think the leaders or scribes or on the lists as
they stand now.

If you, Nancy, are going to take care of sign-in sheets, I will send you
the names that need to head each table.  OR  I can set up some sign-in
sheets and send them to you electronically. 

I don't envy you this job you have!  
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From: SCCPLA - SCC Planning Committee [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
On Behalf Of Nancy Burford
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 10:33 AM
To: [log in to unmask] 
Subject: Roundtables schedule

OK, we're up against deadlines for the program (must go to printers this
week) and here's what we have proposed, based on expression of interest.
We have taken into account the fact that certain sessions cannot take
place at the same time... AND we've checked the list of people who
should be in the Executive Board meeting to make sure none of them had
signed up for the second session (because the board meeting will be
opposite Session 2).  In the attached file, ignore the parenthetical
'checkbox' - that refers to the database name of that field.

There was a suggestion for signup sheets at the registration table that
would be pre-populated by what people had checked off on the
registration form.  I suggest that everyone would be better served by
blank signup sheets.  If you look carefully at the attachment, you will
see that a number of people signed up for many sessions - and you can
only attend 2.  The registration form asked people to 'select
discussions you are interested in so we can arrange rooms'.  In my
opinion, we really should have said something about only 2 simultaneous
discussions will be occurring so people weren't misled into thinking
that they could participate in as many as they wanted.  Yes, it was in
the program, but not on the form.  
But the signup sheets aren't my immediate concern - the schedule is. 

If you have objections to this schedule, please voice them by tomorrow
afternoon.  If you think any should be canceled before we send this to
the printer, let me know.

Session 1, 2:15 - 3:000
 Ballroom 5,
   Research 101
   An Arduous Journal: Odyssey, ILLiad, etc.
 Ballroom 6,
   The Changing world of reference (2 groups) Ballroom 7,
  Clinical decision support tools
  Go Local, not loco
Mockingbird C/D
  Disaster planning
  Terrorism/Patriot Act

(Break and General Session 2)

Session 2, 4:45-5:30
 Ballroom 5
    Research 102
 Ballroom 6
   Coping with & using usage statistics (2 groups)  Ballroom 7
    Nursing libraries
    Article linkers/URL openers
 Mockingbird C/D
    If you build it, will they come (consumer programs)
    Scholarly publishing


Nancy Burford
Assistant Professor
Resources Management Librarian
Medical Sciences Library
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-4462
[log in to unmask] 
979-845-1820 (voice)
979-845-7493 (fax)
Attend SCC/MLA 2006 in College Station, Texas!
October 20-24, 2006