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Matthew Morris <[log in to unmask]>
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Tue, 14 Nov 2006 09:06:56 -0600
text/plain (1729 bytes) , VE3PWP_14_Nov_06.txt (6 kB)
Hey all,

Last night was a good night in general for ham radio.  Myself and Chip
(WX9EMT) went up to the shack again and tried our hand again at HF QSOs.
 The bands were generally all open to Europe last night, so we heard
numerous stations from around that area, as well as a couple from
somewhere in South/Central America.  We actually did make contact with a
station out of Canada via BPSK31 digital communications.

I've attached a .txt file of our QSO with V3PWP.  I will post pictures
that I took at the shack on the OUARC Facebook group sometime today when
I get a chance.

On another note, Chip and I did figure out that the repeater in the
shack DOES work, and that it's frequencies are 442.100 MHz, + offset, no
tone.  It appears that all we need to get a club repeater up and running
is a good antenna system for it and somewhere to put it.  Just to be on
the safe side, I think that we should have it looked at by someone that
knows more about it (and can reprogram the CW IDer), so that -if-
something isn't set up properly we can get it fixed before the tower
goes up.  Also, 442.1/447.1 is a coordinated frequency pair currently
assigned to N5TKS (which I must assume is the repeater sitting in our
shack), so I believe that we are actually ready to throw an antenna up
somewhere and plug the machine in.


Matthew Morris
Sophomore METR major, University of Oklahoma
EMT, Fisher County Hospital District EMS
(405)-487-2758 -- Apartment
(405)-317-0491 -- Cell

"[Snow] So my 100% chance of snow has resulted in precisely 0 snow and
the prediction has deteriorated to a 40% chance of snow.
[deimos] welcome to modern meteorology
[deimos] where all those fancy computers are to hide the dartboard"
(from bash.org)

CQ CQ CQ de VE3PWP VE3PWP VE3PWP CQ CQ CQ de VE3PWP VE3PWP VE3PWP  K VE3PWP VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP WX9EMT/QRP WX9EMT/QRP PSE K aade VE3PWP GM om tnx for the call. ur rst 529 529 529. Name is Marc Marc Marc. QTH is North Glengarry North Glengarry North Glengarry. So hw? AR WX9EMT/QRP de VE3PWP k a VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP TNX for coming back OM... this is my first contact in several years. You are 599 599 599 into Norman, OK Norman, OK Norman, OK. We are operating from W5TC W5TC University of Oklahoma Amateur Radio Club station.VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP PSE K P de VE3PWP FB OM, congratulations on your return. Missed ur name, BTW. Software is MixW 2.16 Omnirig, Ham Cap Rig: ICOM IC-746, 30 watts CAT interface Home Brew Antenna vertical Butternut HF6V Computer P3-450 So, BTU . WX9EMT/QRP de VE3PWP K 6e VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP Name here is Chip Chip Chip, also operating with me is Matthew, KE5IAR. Software is MixW, RIG is Yaesu FT-817, 5 watts into a G5RV at 15 ft. Computer is Dell Inspiron 700m. You're the first station we've worked on any band, and any mode since we got this station up and running again. Glad to hear you on the air Marc. BTU VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP PSE K i FB Chip, cant get my macrotowork for some reason. Hope I'll fix it sometime. That's why the paiee teueyou were lucky to find someone here, a e m digital activity is on 7070khz. This part used by europeans, but never any kind of activity. Best activity is on 20m 14070. I sometimes have contacts on 30 meters . So, BTU Chip. WX9EMT/QRP de VE3PWP K o VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP HI HI. I was surprised to hear anyone here too. Happy though! 20m is dead quiet tonight for us. You're coming in several decibels over S9 here. Strongest signal on the band easily. I used to work 20m fairly regularly back around 2003. When I moved to college in the fall of 2004 however, I lost my station. This is only the second time I've tried HF since then. Now I remember how I got hooked in the first place. Matthew is a Meteorology major and I used to be so I can't help but ask... just how cold is it up there these days? We're in the lower 50's F right now and dropping. BTU VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP de VE3PWP FB Chip, and hello Matthewb Temp here is 6C 6C. I guess that's about 50F. Well, I dabble in met also, One of my hobbies is GOES imagery. I have a GVAR receiver with a 12FTodh in by back yard. My imagery on the net at www.wxsat.com www.wxsat.com My imagery IR is M lor calibrated, so you see a contouring effect for cloud tops. I also he animation of this and and also for wt iter vapour. I also uat work, since I fly a boeing 767 for a major airline here in CanadaiSoBTU Chip. WX9EMT/QRP de 3PWP K ei VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP FB Marc. the club has a web site at ouarc.ou.edu ouarc.ou.edu ouarc.ou.edu and my email address is [log in to unmask] [log in to unmask] [log in to unmask] Matthew is [log in to unmask] [log in to unmask] [log in to unmask] We'd offer to send a QSL card, but we don't have any yet :) HI HI... However we'd love to hear from you via email. I'm planning on going into the Air Force once I graduate and am hoping I'll get a pilot seat. I've been flying since I was 10 years old :). I have a small collection of weather imagery online at kd5ssv.com/meteorology kd5ssv.com/meteorology kd5ssv.com/meteorology. KD5SSV was my old callsign before I got WX9EMT. BTU Marc VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP PSE K de VPWP aWell, Chip, some QSBw. Copy aboutni0 percent of ur qso. So if you could send me your eetail and web info to my email , that would be rte. Not sure if waht I got is correct. My email is marcttwcom [log in to unmask] Just wondering (if I can copy you any better next time), what year you're in meteorology, and are you planning to be a forecaster, Matthew? or if you want to go into research? So, BTU Chip. WX9EMT/QRP de VE3PWP K VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP Will do Marc. Matthew is a Sophomore in the meteorology program here at OU and says he wants to work for the National Weather Service. I'm handing the keyboard off to him now........ Howdy, this is Matthew. I only have my tech license, so Chip is letting me "get my feet wet" in HF with some of our "new" equipment up here. We actually have a working 1960s vintage Hallicrafters receiver, among other things... BTU Marc VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP PSE K VE3PWP FB Matthew, solid copy this time. It should not brsuicult to get theF ticket, since ony need 5 WPM I thinkOpens up a few possibilitien nay, have they taught you anything about owcastin3!wcasting ye? ... just wondering. The quality of our aviation forecasts is doewn to that now here, which is extrapolation of actual conditions and trendsThis produces cases where chtsthe METAR... hi hi .e So BTU Chip and Matthew WX9EMT/QRP de VE3PWP ks VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP There are a few CW signals getting in every now and again, interfering with our reception. The METR program up here really isn't forecast oriented, but that doesn't prevent the entire METR student body from making their own forecasts and travelling around the country chasing storms. HI HI I'm going to let Chip take the keyboard again for a few. BTU Marc VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP PSE K QRP de VE3PWP FB Matthew. Strong signal over here also, causing atten)ation of your weak signalSo, just wondering how far you had gone in your met trainin. yway, Will have to go to bed pretty soon. BTW, weather here has been miserable, rain and drizzle, overast skies for a few days, temperatures just above freezing. So, BTU Chip. WX9EyTRP de VE3PWP K ecee VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP FB Marc. We should probably be heading out before too long ourselves. I have class at 0900 tomorrow morning and Matthew has class at 0830 local. It's been great to hear you on the air. We've been lucky with the weather recently. Its been fair and sunny for about a week now. That should end soon if the weather stays true to its pattern around here. HI HI. BTU Marc VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP PSE K de VE3PWP FB on all that, d copy the last couple of transmissions. Well, I'll say f3's for now, and hope you have a good night and that you'll be awake during your classes hi hi. So s6ks for nice QSO, and hope to see you again. Goodbye, C U again Chip, 73! WX9EMT/QRP DE VE3PWP SK oie VE3PWP de WX9EMT/QRP FB Marc. This won't be the first time we've been up late playing with something... We get used to it.. I guess that's college >:D Hope to catch you on the band again sometime soon. Expect an email from us before too long. 73 73 and safe flying. Good luck Marc, 73! VE3PWP DE WX9EMT/QRP SK